Collectively at inSTEM we have 60 years recruiting expertise. We want to create a recruiting solution in a fast growing industry which is genuinely respected as quality driven, efficient and unique. In our time, we have noticed some issues and have decided to fix them.

  • Tech recruitment is a huge industry and the chasm between supply and demand will only grow wider in the future
  • General consultative recruiting practices have not changed much since the 1980s
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies on their own are not intuitive enough to be stand-alone, 360 degree recruiting solutions


What do we mean by disruptive tech?

Otherwise known as ‘cutting edge tech’, A disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry. Examples include, but not limited to:

  • Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

We focus on this area because we love it, and it will only get bigger.

No CVs

CV’s quite often don’t reflect the quality of the candidate. At inSTEM, we meticulously collect feedback to find out exactly what information engineering candidates and companies need at an early stage to make an informed decision on whether they should meet. We create our own profiling documents to reflect this feedback, and present it, where applicable, in a clean and consistent format.

The technology

We have developed an internal, advanced matching and reporting system using text analytics which creates accurate matches between candidates and companies by looking at contextual similarities in their profiles. Text analytics technologies automatically process and analyze textual content and provide valuable insights, transforming this “raw” data into structured, usable information.

Changing the angle of engagement

Our market is a candidate-driven market. There is a growing gulf between supply and demand with more businesses turning to fast-evolving technology and fewer students showing an interest at secondary level in STEM subjects. The hardest challenge in such a lopsided market is to engage with candidates and gain their trust when they are receiving a weekly barrage of messages from recruiters. InSTEM’s aim is to show candidates that we care about their interests, and give them all the things they like about recruiters whilst taking away all the negatives.

Taking a team perspective

Most online portals focus on impersonal company profiles. inSTEM will focus on breaking companies into individual teams and understanding what makes them work, how they function and the personalities behind them, as well as their positives and flaws. This offers a level of transparency to our candidates where they can answer important questions such as: What can I offer to this team? What level of technical ability do I need, in which areas? Do our interests align?

Our candidate base

A lot of recruiters boast about only having the top X% of candidates in their databases. For the most part, these claims have little substance because a candidate’s quality can be viewed completely differently by different companies. Our candidate base actually is largely made up of engineers who are only passively looking, because they see us as an informative, non-intrusive recruiting solution and everybody is looking for something. We keep it local because relocation often seems a better idea than it actually is.

Business model

We operate on a success fee basis.

Core Values

  1. Never compromising on quality
  2.  Committed to modernizing recruitment
  3. Unquestionable passion for our industry
  4. Innovators for diversity in our industry
  5. Be humble