We want to become your local eyes and show you dossiers of all the teams in the disruptive tech space who exactly match all of your interests, regardless of whether you are passively or actively looking. Feel free to engage in our profiling exercise below to start receiving matches. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, please be sure to answer the questions with care.

You will receive a handful of matching, detailed, individual team dossiers over the course of a year, crafted by the team leads themselves. There will be no sales pressure to act, and we will only make an introduction if you explicitly ask for one. We will occasionally ask for feedback and a rating on our matching performance if you decide not to set up a meeting. We need you to help us become more accurate. If at any point you would like to opt out of receiving profiles please email us on

Profiling Exercise

inSTEM have created a meticulously crafted profiling exercise for engineers which is designed to have two major outcomes:

  1. Provoke carefully thought out and focused answers which provide us with all the info we need to create a crystal clear picture of your interests, needs and ability.
  2. Enable accurate matches