Women in Leadership series, in partnership with IWD 2018 | Lily McCann – Head of Data & Technology at Wavemaker

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Originally from Russia, she moved to New Zealand at 18 and after graduating in Business Information/Business Systems she joined Telecom New Zealand – starting as a Database Development Analyst, within 3 years she had been promoted to a management position. Since relocating to London in her 20’s, she has built a successful career around data and tech within marketing services. … Read More

The most innovative employee perks

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According to the annual Cigna 360° Well-being Survey, the average UK worker’s sense of wellbeing is in decline. The UK has slipped from 3rd in 2015 to 5th in 2016, to 8th place this year. The economic landscape is partly to blame, with Brexit ushering in new anxieties about financial security, but 54% of those surveyed also felt that their … Read More

What should you expect from startup culture?

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London’s startup scene is booming with record levels of investment and up to 80 new companies born each hour. In 2016 UK digital tech investment reached £6.8bn and in the last five years London has attracted more investment than Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam combined. With such a vibrant startup economy we’re seeing more startup hires than ever which has lead … Read More

The benefits of a social workplace

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The future workplace is turning out to be very different to the traditional office. We’ve already spoken about how the physical workspace may change in the future, but as businesses focus on building unique office cultures the ‘social workplace’ is fast becoming the norm. Socialising is an important quality of modern workplaces – did you know that 58% of men … Read More

How might the future workspace differ from traditional offices?

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Offices have long since ceased to be thought of as just a place people go to work in. Now in the age of transformative technology, consideration is given to how these spaces can boost employee productivity and happiness while reducing stress and reflecting the office culture. Here are just a few ways that the future workspace may differ from traditional … Read More