Women in Leadership series, in partnership with IWD 2018 | Lily McCann – Head of Data & Technology at Wavemaker

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Originally from Russia, she moved to New Zealand at 18 and after graduating in Business Information/Business Systems she joined Telecom New Zealand – starting as a Database Development Analyst, within 3 years she had been promoted to a management position. Since relocating to London in her 20’s, she has built a successful career around data and tech within marketing services. … Read More

Do CFO’s need to know about Cybersecurity?

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With recent hacks and changes to regulations, cybersecurity is at the top of every agenda as the volume of cyber attacks doubled throughout the first half of 2017. The typical FTSE 100 firm loses on average £120m after a cybersecurity breach. The risks are even greater for startups & SMEs; 60% of smaller companies go out of business within six … Read More

Do you need to hire a DPO?

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The Data Protection Officer role has existed for some time, but GDPR will make the appointment of a DPO mandatory (it will also be a great help navigating PECR). As with all aspects of GDPR compliance, it’s not immediately obvious which businesses will require a DPO. What is a Data Protection Officer? A DPO will act as a link between … Read More

You’re preparing for GDPR, but what about PECR?

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While GDPR is increasingly at the forefront of data business and strategy, less thought is being given to PECR. The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations is another piece of legal control on the collection and use of data that is often overlooked. PECR regulates the sending of emails and texts for marketing purposes as well as automated calling, requiring consent … Read More

What should you put on your Data CV?

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Britain is expected to create 56,000 data jobs a year until 2020 making data roles one of the hottest in the country right now. Data is revolutionising the way companies do business and not always in the ways you’d expect; CFO’s and Senior Executives are now using non-financial data to create forecasts with 90-95% accuracy. Companies of all sizes across … Read More

Why do we need Data Scientists?

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Data Scientists suddenly seem to be in high demand. The reason for this is simple; we’re producing more data than we ever have before. Every time you pay for something with a credit card, swipe a loyalty card, check into a location online or even just search the web, you’re creating useable data. An estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data … Read More

Everything you need to know about being a Data Scientist

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“Data Scientist” is a role that has actually existed since 2008, but has become one of 2017’s hottest buzzwords – no surprise as it’s estimated that the amount of usable global data doubles every four years. Britain alone is expected to create an average of 56,000 big data jobs a year until 2020. It’s recently been described as “the sexiest … Read More

What do AI and machine learning mean for finance?

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“AI” and “Machine learning are 2017’s buzzwords, with an abundance of clickbait articles predicting the imminent demise of thousands of jobs. However despite many ominous predictions, AI and machine learning are set to change job roles, not remove them. While new technology tends to make some jobs obsolete, traditionally new technology creates jobs instead of reducing them – one estimate … Read More