Valuing and retaining talent

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To hold onto your organisations key talent, you need to understand that your organisations people are a unique resource that can learn, develop and grow. Valuing your talent and understanding the impact they have upon your organisation is key; this can be internally or with external help. Either way there are some easy steps you can take to retain your … Read More

The Value Of Open Communication

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It’s never been in question, everyone realises that communication is essential to any business, no matter the size. The key is to foster an environment of trust and respect. There are many ways organisations communicate internally with employees for example; by phone, face to face, email, conferencing and internal instant messaging, to name a few. Some of the most successful … Read More

How “Social” Is Your Job Search?

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Social media is perfect for amplifying a message. Many of these messages are relatively unimportant in the big scheme of things. People share cat pictures and give fashion advice (etc) for a bit of fun – these messages might have their moment in the limelight, but then they fade into the ether. Much of social media is fleeting and far … Read More

Leaders Never Stop Giving

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When they reach the top of the tree, very few leaders are focused on their own needs anymore. The speed and incline of their ascent strongly depends on the energy that they can impart into those around them – this energy converts into knowledge and that knowledge converts into results. The more they can develop and support their teams, the … Read More

Is Your Recruiter Into Technology?

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There is a new criterion in the search for a recruitment partner. The final frontier for recruitment lies with the combination of man and machine, common sense and software, empathy and analytics. Technology is enabling recruitment like never before, and if asked the right questions it can provide the answers to many of our industry’s woes. Recruiters that trawl their … Read More

So you’ve graduated…now what?

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Graduates for Finance

The three (or four) years you spend at University are often heralded as the best years of life, and that is something that those of us who have experienced it find hard to disagree with. When graduation comes around (and it creeps up on you much faster than you would expect) it is often met with a mixed range of … Read More

Managing your online reputation when job hunting

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Social Media Icons

Presenting Yourself Online Recent research has shown that the online presence of a potential employee can sometimes make or break an offer – some 93% of hiring managers have admitted to reviewing a candidates social profile before making a job offer, with 55% of those claiming to have reconsidered the offer based off what they saw. Whilst the debate rages … Read More