ACA Jobs & Career Guide

After years of working hard to qualify as an ACA, you’re now at a really exciting stage of your career and ready to make the move out of practice into industry. At this stage it might be tempting to focus on getting a job that is a radical departure from what you’ve been doing for…

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ACA CV Advice

If you went straight into Practice from university then this might be the first time you’ve had to write a professional CV. It’s also possible that you have only worked for one employer since graduating and only had one or two roles during that time. So it can feel like there isn’t much to put…

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TalentEdge will help you to take the next step in building your team or developing your career within finance and technology. Our team have an exceptional knowledge of the sectors and disciplines they recruit for.

ACA Interview Guide

As a recently or newly qualified ACA you are in a unique position at this stage in your career in that unlike those that qualified whilst working in industry you won’t necessarily have any previous experience of doing the job you are interviewing for so the interview won’t be as focused on your previous experience…

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ACA Alumni Advice

Coming Soon ! ACA Alumni advice from those that have made the move into industry both recently and earlier in their careers.   TalentEdge recruit finance roles across Tech, Media & Consumer. If would like to get more advice on looking for your first role in Industry or get feedback on your CV please do…

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