Do CFO’s need to know about Cybersecurity?

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With recent hacks and changes to regulations, cybersecurity is at the top of every agenda as the volume of cyber attacks doubled throughout the first half of 2017. The typical FTSE 100 firm loses on average £120m after a cybersecurity breach. The risks are even greater for startups & SMEs; 60% of smaller companies go out of business within six … Read More

How do you meld the cultures of consultancy and creativity?

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Lately rumours have been circulating that Accenture Interactive is interested in acquiring WPP and Publicis. Putting aside the logistics of such a monumental deal, this leaves Accenture with an interesting problem and one that they faced last year after their acquisition of Karmarama – how can they meld the two distinct cultures of data-driven consultancy and creativity? As data and … Read More

Hiring tips for scaling your startup

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London’s startup scene is vibrant, exciting and often surprising (did you know that at the top of Startups 100 2017 ‘To watch list’ is an e-commerce mattress company?) So it may surprise you to learn that one of the toughest parts of building your startup isn’t the very beginning, but the point at which you scale up. Premature scaling is … Read More

How do CEOs Manage A Creative Business?

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The CEOs of creatively-led companies have a series of fairly unique challenges. Creativity cannot be bottled on a production line; it has to be coaxed from people’s imaginations. Creative employees generally work best under their own steam, but if provided with the right conditions, teamwork can still produce spectacular results.  Given the intangible nature of “results” in this area, creatives … Read More

The benefits of a social workplace

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The future workplace is turning out to be very different to the traditional office. We’ve already spoken about how the physical workspace may change in the future, but as businesses focus on building unique office cultures the ‘social workplace’ is fast becoming the norm. Socialising is an important quality of modern workplaces – did you know that 58% of men … Read More

5 steps to faster onboarding

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We recently published ‘New Job? Here’s How To Settle In Fast’, helping new employee’s to bed in to their new work environment. On the flip side there are a few things an employer should consider with there onboarding process to help their new employee make the most of there first few months. It’s advantageous to have a solid onboarding procedure … Read More

Startups: Hire for culture, train for skill?

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In recent years we have seen the rise of the importance of cultural fit when hiring a new team member, this is a serious consideration within Startups. Why? Because onboarding a new individual into your business or team immediately changes the dynamic and throws the team into a ‘forming’ and ‘storming’ stage. Also we must bear in mind that generally in a Startup the … Read More

Valuing and retaining talent

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To hold onto your organisations key talent, you need to understand that your organisations people are a unique resource that can learn, develop and grow. Valuing your talent and understanding the impact they have upon your organisation is key; this can be internally or with external help. Either way there are some easy steps you can take to retain your … Read More

The Value Of Open Communication

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It’s never been in question, everyone realises that communication is essential to any business, no matter the size. The key is to foster an environment of trust and respect. There are many ways organisations communicate internally with employees for example; by phone, face to face, email, conferencing and internal instant messaging, to name a few. Some of the most successful … Read More