Answering the 3 Most Difficult Interview Questions

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Let’s be honest, interviews are a nerve wracking experience. Even the most experienced interviewees can find them an unnerving prospect. Why? Well no matter how good your interview prep, one well worded question can throw you completely off your game, to the point where you feel about 10cm tall! So what can you do to maximise your chances and minimise … Read More

How do CEOs Manage A Creative Business?

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The CEOs of creatively-led companies have a series of fairly unique challenges. Creativity cannot be bottled on a production line; it has to be coaxed from people’s imaginations. Creative employees generally work best under their own steam, but if provided with the right conditions, teamwork can still produce spectacular results.  Given the intangible nature of “results” in this area, creatives … Read More

Everything you need to know about being a Data Scientist

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“Data Scientist” is a role that has actually existed since 2008, but has become one of 2017’s hottest buzzwords – no surprise as it’s estimated that the amount of usable global data doubles every four years. Britain alone is expected to create an average of 56,000 big data jobs a year until 2020. It’s recently been described as “the sexiest … Read More

5 common CV mistakes and how to counter them

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We’ve discussed in the past what a Finance Recruiter will look for in your CV. In such a fiercely competitive market it’s paramount that your CV makes an impact that truly reflects your ability a potential employer may be sifting through hundred of CVS and you need to be sure that they dedicate time to yours  to judge if you … Read More

Getting through your phone interview

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Phone interviews have become a normal part of the job hunting process as more and more companies use it as a screening process before deciding to dedicate the time and resources to bringing you in for a meeting. They can be daunting, in essence becoming a shorter window in which you’re still expected to sell yourself as you would in … Read More

What questions should you ask at a job interview?

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This is part of our interview series. For more interview advice click here. Interviews are challenging; they offer a brief window to demonstrate your experience, technical skills, soft skills, asking you to relax and be yourself while showing who you could be and demonstrate the depth of your research while displaying quick, spontaneous thinking. The process can be very daunting, … Read More

Adding value to your workplace

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Innovative, forward-thinking individuals are in high demand in today’s ever changing job market. One of the best ways to impress a prospective employer is to have examples of how you’ve added value to your workplace. As apps, websites and general tech is disrupting more elements of the industry  than ever before, this means more than just working extra time. The … Read More

How important are soft skills?

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It’s increasingly common for a job specification to call for ‘soft skills’ in applicants. Many candidates dismiss this as the latest buzzword, believing that the relevant technical skills and experience will be enough for their recruiters and interviewers. However many C-level finance professionals believe that the technical elements of the finance world are “the floor – not the ceiling”, meaning that … Read More

How to return refreshed after a holiday break

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Some of us are returning from time off over the half term – whether you took a full week to look after children or a long weekend to join your family on holiday it can be hard not to find yourself stressed about work while you’re away. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top tips of how to … Read More