Do you need to hire a DPO?

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The Data Protection Officer role has existed for some time, but GDPR will make the appointment of a DPO mandatory (it will also be a great help navigating PECR). As with all aspects of GDPR compliance, it’s not immediately obvious which businesses will require a DPO. What is a Data Protection Officer? A DPO will act as a link between … Read More

Startup Roundup – 14th September 2017

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As a partner to some of London’s most exciting and innovative startups, we take an active interest in what’s happening throughout the startup scene. Here are a selection of the must exciting and insightful startup stories from the past week. Startup Funding Goldman Sachs backed UK fintech startup Neyber with a £100m investment. The startup provides loans via employers with the … Read More

Answering the 3 Most Difficult Interview Questions

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Let’s be honest, interviews are a nerve wracking experience. Even the most experienced interviewees can find them an unnerving prospect. Why? Well no matter how good your interview prep, one well worded question can throw you completely off your game, to the point where you feel about 10cm tall! So what can you do to maximise your chances and minimise … Read More

Startup Roundup – 8th September 2017

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Welcome to our new weekly startup roundup. As a partner to some of London’s most exciting and innovative startups, we take an active interest in what’s happening throughout the startup scene. Here are some of the week’s most exciting and insightful stories. Startup Funding Adtech developer SuperAwesome, curator of ‘kid-safe’ advertising and a global social content platform has raised  $21m in a Series … Read More

You’re preparing for GDPR, but what about PECR?

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While GDPR is increasingly at the forefront of data business and strategy, less thought is being given to PECR. The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations is another piece of legal control on the collection and use of data that is often overlooked. PECR regulates the sending of emails and texts for marketing purposes as well as automated calling, requiring consent … Read More

The most innovative employee perks

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According to the annual Cigna 360° Well-being Survey, the average UK worker’s sense of wellbeing is in decline. The UK has slipped from 3rd in 2015 to 5th in 2016, to 8th place this year. The economic landscape is partly to blame, with Brexit ushering in new anxieties about financial security, but 54% of those surveyed also felt that their … Read More

What should you put on your Data CV?

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Britain is expected to create 56,000 data jobs a year until 2020 making data roles one of the hottest in the country right now. Data is revolutionising the way companies do business and not always in the ways you’d expect; CFO’s and Senior Executives are now using non-financial data to create forecasts with 90-95% accuracy. Companies of all sizes across … Read More

Hiring tips for scaling your startup

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London’s startup scene is vibrant, exciting and often surprising (did you know that at the top of Startups 100 2017 ‘To watch list’ is an e-commerce mattress company?) So it may surprise you to learn that one of the toughest parts of building your startup isn’t the very beginning, but the point at which you scale up. Premature scaling is … Read More

Talentedge completes a 50k charity row in 3 hours 34 minutes

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On Saturday Simon, Robbie, Jonny, Stephen, Luke, John and Charlie woke up bright and early for their 50k rowing challenge. Having only trained four times on the river they were a little nervous about how the journey to the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and back would go! After a quick safety briefing they were taken out to their boat, where … Read More

What should you expect from startup culture?

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London’s startup scene is booming with record levels of investment and up to 80 new companies born each hour. In 2016 UK digital tech investment reached £6.8bn and in the last five years London has attracted more investment than Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam combined. With such a vibrant startup economy we’re seeing more startup hires than ever which has lead … Read More